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Gimp Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Gimp Keyboard Shortcut Cheat SheetToday marks the end of my series on Gimp, so of course I have to close out with a combination of my favorite things — keyboard shortcuts and cheat sheets!

Gimp, like most programs, utilizes many (120+) keyboard shortcuts to make its use very quick and simple — assuming you can memorize enough of them!

In addition to the standard shortcuts — which are re-iterated in this cheat sheet, for convenience, despite the fact you’ve hopefully memorized them already! — there are a number of shortcuts that quickly select tools, dockable dialogs, menu options, and more.

The Gimp Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet is free to my mailing list subscribers.


An Introduction to Internet Shorthand (With Free Cheat Sheet)

Internet ShorthandLTNS; HRU? GR8? G2K. ZUP?

Have you ever run across gibberish like this and wondered just what, exactly, it means?!?

This is an example of internet shorthand, or “text speak”, “chatspeak”, “cyber slang”, “chat acronyms”, “SMS texting language”, “netspeak”, etc.

As you can see, it is in no way confined to the internet, but is also extensively used when texting, and even pops up in our everyday spoken conversations.

Internet shorthand is little more than an attempt save time by reducing keystrokes, although there are cases in which it actually increases the number of keystrokes.

The concept primarily involves using acronyms for commonly-used phrases, and can result in absolute chaos for those of us unfamiliar with the language.

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The Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Linux Command Cheat Sheet PreviewThis year had been — much to my brother’s chagrin — very Linux command-line-intensive, at least on the blog front.

The good news — if you’re not Linux-oriented — is that I’m winding down to move on to (mostly) other topics.

The bad news — because of course there had to be some! — is that this week and the next are still focused on Linux.

(If you’re my brother, you don’t have to read this!)

If you’re not my brother, can I interest you in a Linux command line cheat sheet?

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Vi/Vim Editor Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Vi Vim Editor Cheat Sheet PreviewToday’s topic is a continuation of last week’s lesson on the Vi/Vim editors.

Mailing list subscribers will receive a free copy of the Vi/Vim Editor Cheat Sheet. To receive this, and other (past/future) exclusive content, you can subscribe.

The command possibilities available in Vi are seemingly endless; as such, they are not all covered in this cheat sheet.

What this cheat sheet does cover, are all of the basic commands for navigating Vi and modifying, searching, replacing, exiting, etc.

Remember, Vi is case-sensitive; any letter that you type can mean two completely different things, depending on its case.

I like to use this cheat sheet as a quick reference, as I have not yet managed to memorize all of these commands.

I hope that you find it as useful as I do.

Archive & Compression Command Line Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Archive & Compression Command Line Cheat Sheet PreviewOne common problem that I have – and so of course I automatically assume that everyone else has the same problem – is the inability to remember various commands and options when I need them.

To that end, today’s post is very short, but it comes bearing gifts.

As a follow-up to last week’s topic, I created a cheat sheet, or quick-reference guide, for the Linux command line archive and compression utilities.

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Linux Command Line Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Linux Command Line Shortcuts Cheat Sheet PreviewYou had to know it was coming. What’s a shortcut without a cheat sheet full of them?

This cheat sheet is a compilation of the Linux command line shortcuts (keyboard and otherwise) mentioned in the past few articles.

It’s printer-friendly, for convenience!

The cheat sheet is available exclusively to my mailing list subscribers; you can subscribe at any time to receive the download.

Firefox Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Firefox Browser LogoFirefox provides a set of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform common tasks quickly.

You can open and close windows and tabs, navigate through pages and open tabs, create bookmarks, open history, zoom in and out, and much more, with just a few keystrokes.

For those of you unfamiliar with how keyboard shortcuts work, I would recommend reading my introduction to the subject really quick.

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How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts (With Bonus Cheat Sheet)

computer-keyboard-keys-blackBy now the average computer user might be familiar with a few of the most common (and life-saving!) keyboard shortcuts, like Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste).

I say “might” because, while I cannot personally remember my life “before shortcuts” (it was probably a scary age, with the dinosaurs and all), I also know some very recent converts.

In comparing notes with them, I found that some of my favorite shortcuts were still widely unknown; my goal today is enlightenment.

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