Firefox Browser LogoFirefox provides a set of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform common tasks quickly.

You can open and close windows and tabs, navigate through pages and open tabs, create bookmarks, open history, zoom in and out, and much more, with just a few keystrokes.

For those of you unfamiliar with how keyboard shortcuts work, I would recommend reading my introduction to the subject really quick.

You can thank me later.

Or Not.

No pressure.

As expressed in the post about keyboard shortcuts, not all programs are designed alike.

While there are some invaluable shortcuts that work universally across the Windows/Linux hemisphere, others perform functions specific to the type of program in focus.

Browsers need shortcuts that not only help us manage the browser itself, but also navigate around the pages and tabs that we have open.

(And if you’re not familiar with tabs, then you’re missing out!)

I have taken the liberty of narrowing down the list of available Firefox shortcuts to those that I use and find useful, although there are several others available.

But, hey, this way they all fit on one page. 😉

You can check the *official* complete list of Firefox Shortcuts if you feel cheated.

It should be noted that Firefox add-ons, while useful, can sometimes interfere with keyboard shortcuts, and cause something to happen that you did not expect.

If a shortcut does not work as promised… well it wasn’t me.


In my experience, these shortcuts work on both Windows and Linux installations of Firefox.

firefox-shortcuts-cheat-sheet-previewAnd finally, you can download the Firefox Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet after signing up to my email list, which will enable you to receive all of the latest posts and resources as soon as they become available.

I hope that you enjoy these shortcuts as much as I do, and that they slowly (or quickly) become second nature.

Disclaimer: These shortcuts are standard for Windows and Linux (KDE) versions of Firefox, but may not work on all systems, such as in the case of non-English installations, etc.