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What is the Cloud?

The CouldI have been asked if an internet connection is required, to be able to access “the cloud”.

I admit it gave me the giggles, which I (somewhat?) managed to suppress, enough to explain that — short answer — the cloud is the internet.

You didn’t think we were going to be talking about the big fluffy things, did you?

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Linux Network Commands Part 3 – Management

Computer Data NetworkIt could be argued that configuration and management run hand in hand, and should not be separated.

I do not disagree. It is not an easy matter to draw a line between the two, especially in the case of network commands that can be used to test whether or not the configurations were successful.

The fact of the matter is very simply that I ran out of time — and energy! — to cover all of the most common networking commands in a single post.

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Linux Network Commands Part 2 – Configuration

Computer Data NetworkThis section of Linux network configuration commands deals with the most common methods of configuring a system’s network interfaces from the command line.

It is not a complete list of commands, nor are all possible details and options discussed.

This way you have a little space to do some exploring on your own, and can enjoy the thrill that comes with successfully completing a configuration all on your own.

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Linux Network Commands Part 1 – Preparation

Computer Data NetworkThere are many network-related tasks that you may find yourself needing to perform over the course of time.

From configuring your network settings so that you can access the network, to pinging a server to see if it’s up — or maybe it’s you that’s down! — it’s all possible from the Linux command line.

To that end, this series is all about network-related Linux commands.

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All About Networks Part 2 – The Internet

Networks 101Go get me a tuna sandwich.

I must have been nine or ten when my dad first explained the client/server concept to me, using a simple analogy that started with that command.

His point? Of the two of us, which was the client, and which was the server?

It clicked. Do you know that “eureka!” moment of sudden brilliant illumination when it all makes perfect sense? (I love those moments!)

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All About Networks Part 1 – The Basics

Networks 101We all know what networks are. They’re arrangements of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, or even groups of interconnected people or things. Right?

I hate to break it to you (not really) but there’s another definition, too.

Computer networks, or data networks, are a means by which multiple computers (or other devices such as printers, phones, tablets, etc.) are connected, so that they can exchange data, etc.

Computer network version 0.000001 (more-or-less) was called “The Sneakernet”. It was composed of people who transported data from one location to another by loading it onto portable media (probably a floppy drive!) and walking it from one computer to another while wearing their sneakers. Or not. Sneakers may even have been optional.

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