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Archive & Compression Command Line Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

Archive & Compression Command Line Cheat Sheet PreviewOne common problem that I have – and so of course I automatically assume that everyone else has the same problem – is the inability to remember various commands and options when I need them.

To that end, today’s post is very short, but it comes bearing gifts.

As a follow-up to last week’s topic, I created a cheat sheet, or quick-reference guide, for the Linux command line archive and compression utilities.

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5 Command Line Utilities to Manage Archival & Compression in Linux

Zip Archive Compressed Files
I must admit that when I first determined to learn how to create and un-package archive files from the command line, it was a daunting prospect.

It was not so much that I didn’t understand archival and compression, but I more about the fact that I didn’t understand the difference between the utilities available in the command line.

Once I figured out the difference, actually using each one turned out to be a piece of cake (and it was good, too!)

So to make a long story short, I’ve settled on the 5 utilities that can do pretty much anything you would ever want to do on the subject.

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How to Work With Archive, Compressed & Zip Files

Zip Archive Compressed FilesThere are file types that exist for no purpose other than to package other individual files together into a bundle, and even to compress that bundle’s file size.

These files are called archive files, or compressed files.

Archive files contain one or more files, neatly packaged together.

Compressed files contain one or more files, packaged in a file size smaller than the combined files’ original sizes.

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