Linux Command Cheat Sheet PreviewThis year had been — much to my brother’s chagrin — very Linux command-line-intensive, at least on the blog front.

The good news — if you’re not Linux-oriented — is that I’m winding down to move on to (mostly) other topics.

The bad news — because of course there had to be some! — is that this week and the next are still focused on Linux.

(If you’re my brother, you don’t have to read this!)

If you’re not my brother, can I interest you in a Linux command line cheat sheet?

The Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet is a condensed list of the commands that I have covered to date, with a brief description to go along with each one.

As a bonus, the cheat sheet even starts out with a breakdown of the Linux directory structure.

The cheat sheet is available exclusively to my mailing list subscribers; you can subscribe at any time to download a copy.

I recently updated the Linux Command Line Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by adding a few shortcuts and making a few corrections — ahem! — so feel free to grab an updated copy while you’re at it.

See you next week!