KonsoleYou might not think about using keyboard shortcuts in the command line, but why not?

There are several keyboard shortcuts that can perform functions much faster than if you had to type in the equivalent commands.

There are others that do not do what you might think they should do, based on how they are normally used.

Konsole’s keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting, for example, are different than the standard Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V that are used everywhere else. In fact, if you use Ctrl + C in the command line, even accidently, it will terminate whatever command is running at that time. Oops!

Konsole Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Preview

So you should find it worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the more interesting keyboard shortcuts that Konsole provides.

In Konsole, go to Settings > Configure Shortcuts… to view the list, or download this free cheat sheet, available exclusively to my mailing list subscribers.