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Linux Command Line Shortcuts & Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Line TerminalThe downside to using the command line is all the typing that it involves. Even if you enjoy typing, it can get tedious after awhile.

That is why I have so much fun learning about all of the shortcuts that can be used in the command line, to cut down on the amount of time spent typing.

Not only are there tricks available that can do half of the work for you, but there are also keyboard shortcuts that can help you to navigate the command line in half the time.

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Master the Linux Command Line With These 6 Tricks

Master Linux Command Line TricksOne of the best ways that I know to truly embrace the command line is to have some fun with it. And what is more fun than learning about the available tricks and shortcuts that can be used?

Did you know that you don’t have to type in a complete file name, but that a single key-stroke could fill out the name for you?

Did you know that a single keyboard shortcut can clear your terminal screen of previous commands/results and other command-line clutter?

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