Linux Command Line Shortcuts & Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Line TerminalThe downside to using the command line is all the typing that it involves. Even if you enjoy typing, it can get tedious after awhile.

That is why I have so much fun learning about all of the shortcuts that can be used in the command line, to cut down on the amount of time spent typing.

Not only are there tricks available that can do half of the work for you, but there are also keyboard shortcuts that can help you to navigate the command line in half the time.

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Master the Linux Command Line With These 6 Tricks

Master Linux Command Line TricksOne of the best ways that I know to truly embrace the command line is to have some fun with it. And what is more fun than learning about the available tricks and shortcuts that can be used?

Did you know that you don’t have to type in a complete file name, but that a single key-stroke could fill out the name for you?

Did you know that a single keyboard shortcut can clear your terminal screen of previous commands/results and other command-line clutter?

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15+ Tools to Manage Files From the Linux Command Line

Command Line TerminalIn the Linux command line, working with files is made easy by the multitude of file-manipulation commands that are available.

For each task you need to perform, there is a solution; for many, there is more than one solution.

Among the commands that we’re exploring today — which are all, in one way or another, file-related — you might not only find what you’re looking for, but also something that you never knew you wanted to look for!

Although the availability of commands may vary between different distributions of Linux, most of these are standard enough that they should work for you.

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12 Essential Linux Commands for Navigation and File System Management

Command Line TerminalWhen using Linux, half — or more — of the fun is opening up a terminal, leaving behind the GUI, and immersing yourself in the keyboard.

What this requires is little more than the knowledge of a few basic commands, largely related to navigation and file system manipulation.

Once you use each command, and become more comfortable with each one individually and in combination, it is a simple process to add more commands into the mix.

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From Windows to (Partly) Linux, or Why I Use Both

operating system iconsWindows and Linux, as two of the most popular operating systems on the market today, are often pitted against one another.

Some people have have very decided opinions on the topic of which is better, but I find myself in the category of ambivalence.

I use both, but it wasn’t always that way. Early on, my experience was limited to Windows, simply because that was what was installed on my PC.

But learning curves, although sometimes difficult, are good exercise for the brain.

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