Bash Shell Scripting Part 4 – Variables

Bash Shell ScriptingNow that we have successfully created and executed a shell script, it’s time to start building on the functionality available to shell scripts.

The topics to come may sound heavy, but they’re actually very cool, and can serve as a basic primer for anyone interested in learning programming.

For anyone not interested in programming, the logic that can be applied in shell scripting is none-the-less a useful skill to have.

The first of these, that I found downright enthralling (when I first began programming years ago), are variables.

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All About the Dot Slash Issue

Dot Slash Command LineIn an upcoming series I’m going to start exploring the basics of shell scripting (writing your own little programs that run from the command line and make things happen).

In the meantime — with not a little prompting from my Dad — I’ve decided to explore the dot slash issue.

I call it an issue, but really it’s just two keystrokes resulting in two characters that get placed before shell scripts to execute said shell scripts.

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All About Linux Command Line Wildcards

Bash TerminalIn a previous post I mentioned wild cards very briefly, in conjunction with the Linux command line.

I did not stop to explain at that time, but wild cards have a life that extends far beyond the Linux command line.

It is time now to delve deeper in this subject, as it is a great one to be aware of. But take note that I will be focusing back on the use of wildcards in the Linux command line.

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