Man Intro PenguinIt’s official; I’m oblivious.

That is the only possible explanation, really, as to how I could have missed this.

Today I ran across a very useful and informative tidbit that would have been very useful to me back when I was first beginning to learn the Linux command line.

Yes, now I find it!

The command is man intro.

Now, as I said, it would have been of more use to me at a previous date, but that is not to say it was not interesting and informative at this late date.

This is perhaps the most informative introduction to the Linux command line that I have ever seen, all stuffed into a concise 1346 words.

It touches on not only the most basic shell concepts, but also some commands that (would have, if I had found it sooner!) been a gentle but thorough way of getting me started. Turns out, I already knew most of them now.

So, what did I miss? Is there a neon sign somewhere, advertising this starting point, that I somehow missed? If not, there should be. I’m starting a petition for this tip to be displayed on the terminal the first time it is opened. Wanna sign?

So go on, try it out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!