computer-softwareSoftware is the driving force behind the devices that we use every day.

Without software, our computers, tablets and phones are just marvelously assembled parts, with great potential and no actual function.

With software, you can power up a device and explore its unlimited possibilities… or you can get some work done. How about both?

System software is the most basic (and essential) software in the computer world. The best example of system software is the operating system, which controls the hardware and runs application software.

Application software (usually just called “programs”) perform specific tasks for which they are designed. They need system software (an operating system) in order to function. Some programs even come bundled with operating systems.

Common examples of programs are: browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), word processors (Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, etc.), media players (Window Media Player, VLC, etc.) and image editors (Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.), There are multitude-of-thousands of programs available these days.

The term “app” has become popular as a shortened version of application software, used primarily to reference programs that run on phones and tablets.

What are your favorite programs? Currently I have a long list of programs that I plan to discuss, but let me know your favorites and I’ll consider working in a few more!