Fedora Linux LogoI’m slow. And behind times. And procrastinative. (If that’s not a word, it should be.)

But this February, I finally installed Fedora 23 on my computer!

Ok, technically my Dad did it for me. But I watched. And learned. And plotted. Next time I plan to attempt the installation myself. Maybe. For sure. I think.

(Why is it that I find installation the most daunting part of using an operating system? They have nifty graphical interfaces for installation now, and it still intimidates me!)

At first glance, the differences between Fedora 21 and 23 (yes, I skipped a version, remember what I said about procrastination?) are minimal, but between the two versions, there are quite a few exciting upgrades.

A few of the upgrades that I found to be the most notable are as follows.

Package Installation

Fedora 22 introduced the dnf package manager to replace yum. Yum is now deprecated.

Dnf functions almost identical to yum functions. The difference is that dnf is built on more modern technology that allows it to perform faster and take up less memory.


Fedora 22 includes the latest version of the KDE desktop: Plasma 5.

Plasma 5 features improved graphical performance, and introduces the Breeze theme, which provides a modernized experience with clean visuals.

LibreOffice 5

Fedora 23 includes an upgrade of the popular office suite, LibreOffice.

LibreOffice 5 is faster than earlier versions, and features improved image handling.

Significant effort has also been put into resolving all of the bugs identified in previous versions.


Fedora 23 uses Python 3 by default, rather than the old version, Python 2. (Python is a programming language — when it’s not busy being a snake.)

Some Linux software packages are dependent on Python, meaning that they need to be compatible with Python 3 to work.


As usual, there were several configuration-changes that I made to the GUI, post-haste, but I am in general very pleased with the latest version of Fedora.

Next week I’ll walk you through a few of the GUI changes that I made.