My Top 7 Essential PC Accessories

Whether you run a desktop or laptop PC, there are various accessories that can be considered essential, either for comfort, or for security (the peace-of-mind type, at least!)

Here is my list of essential accessories for any PC-user.

#1: Portable Hard Drive

Storage media — especially backup storage media — is my #1 most essential accessory. I recommend the 1TB Seagate Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 for this purpose, although the Shockproof/Water Resistant Military Grade 1TB Silicon Power Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, is a steal for only the price of an additional dollar.

#2: 3.0 USB Pen Drive

Any storage media small enough to fit in my pocket would normally jump to first place, but since pen drives are still limited in size (capacity), they got bumped down to second. I recommend the the 128GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive and the 128GB Samsung Bar USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

#3: USB Hub

The standard desktop and laptop computers seem to be designed with 2-3 USB ports, which I find to be minimal, and limiting. Not only are they few, but — on laptops especially — they are often inconveniently located. I use USB hubs to make up for these manufacturing deficiencies. I especially recommend a parallel vertical USB hub layout, as I find the standard USB hub layout to be too cramped for many USB devices.

#4: Air Blaster Rocket

Some days, keeping my electronics clean feels like a losing battle. A microfiber cloth is useful for wiping down surfaces, but sometimes a good spurt of compressed air is the ideal solution, especially where small crevices and keyboards are concerned. As an alternative to compressed air, I recommend the air blaster rocket, which never runs out of clean air!

#5: Mouse

Every time I see someone using their laptop touch pad I wince internally. I’ve noticed a significant increase in productivity when I use an external mouse with my laptop — and they’re indispensable when using a desktop, because who likes to navigate via keyboard 100% of the time?! I recommend a basic 3-button USB mouse, but there are wireless 3-button USB mouse options, if you’re interested in keeping them supplied with batteries.

#6: Mousepad

A mouse without a mouse pad is no mouse at… well, truthfully, it’s just harder to use a mouse without a mouse pad. So why not have fun, and not choose the most plain and boring mouse pad available?!

#7: Ear buds

To keep your environment from disturbing you — without disturbing your environment — I recommend ear buds, suitable for all of your multimedia needs.

Now for the fun part: the non-essentials bonus picks!

Bonus #1: USB Fan

I think this USB-powered metal desk fan may just be my new best friend. Don’t laugh; September in the tropics with no air conditioning is nothing to trifle with!

Bonus #2: Cable Organizers

With a power cord and a variable number of devices plugged into your PC, the cable count adds up pretty fast, and can quickly become cluttered. I recommend either velcro straps or rubber twist ties to keep your cables in hand, both when in use and when packed away.

Bonus #3: Stress Toy

Last, but perhaps not the very least, I recommend a squeezable stress-toy — the Linux penguin, of course! — for all of those times your PC is not functioning at it’s optimal level, and you need to keep your free hand(s) busy while you wait for it to shape up.

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